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The solution was to create an identity system that was bold and dynamic using bright eye catching colors and a simplistic iconic trademark. Color blocking on the motion graphics and navigation system uses the intense colors in way that does not distract from the content, allowing the characters to really speak for themselves. In researching the users, it was discovered that users were more likely to start a television show or movie if someone they trusted recommended it to them. Adding your friends is a feature that was added that allows the users to browse through what their friends and family are currently loving and watching. Curated collections were created for specific profiles and are updated constantly to give users suggested content that is personalized to them.


Bold is a television network and streaming service that features movies and tv shows with a strong electrifying characters. Many of the iconic content featured on this streaming service is nostalgic and users finally have one place to find all their cult classic favorites. Bold celebrates strong emotional characters who act on the way they feel without filtering or questioning it. Characters featured on the Bold streaming service and network are proud to be themselves and do nothing to hide who they are from others. We emphasize that being you is the best part about you and you should act do say and live as boldly as possible. With so many television channels and streaming services available, Bold needed a visual identity and UX UI system that stood out among the competition.  Bold also needed features that were unique and could entice users to sign up  by providing something new.



Through interviews and research, it was determined that most users who use streaming services, are more likely to watch media that someone they trust recommends to them. To stand out from other streaming services, Bold offers a way to sync your friends through your contacts and see what they have been watching. This assists users in discovering new content to binge and fall in love with. 


On other competitor popular streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, the recommendations provided lack personalization. To assist users in making content choice they feel confident in, lists of curated collections are available to brow that are specific to the user were implemented, making the content recommendations are stronger, leading to users making more confident choices in the content they play.  

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